I recently came across a study on assertiveness. Its objective was to explore the issue of people being overly assertive, notably in the workplace. The study was wide-ranging and complex, but also very thorough. It was maybe 20 pages long, with densely packed text in tiny font, and went into enormous detail on the backgroundContinue reading “Assertiveness”

Hollow confidence

When I was at university (some years ago) there was one class that was dominated by a handful of opinionated English public-school (i.e. fee-paying school) boys whose confidence was completely out of proportion to the value of their contribution. They talked loudly and without hesitation on topics they clearly knew very little about. Maybe it’sContinue reading “Hollow confidence”

A courage for gaps

Most of us would agree on the importance of thinking things through properly before we act. Thinking time ensures detailed, thorough and sometimes creative solutions. The more important the decision, the more consideration it deserves. But, at a certain point we need to stop deliberating and we need to find the courage to act. EvenContinue reading “A courage for gaps”

The power of ‘maybe not’

Our client was faced with a dilemma. Two of its best salespeople had an idea for a new business. But the idea was terrible … The thinking behind the new concept was jumbled, confused and incoherent. The plan could not possibly work. But the two budding entrepreneurs had absolute faith in their idea, so hadContinue reading “The power of ‘maybe not’”