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Bon courage

In English we say ‘Good Luck’. The direct translation into French is ‘Bonne Chance’, but I believe they more commonly use the expression ‘Bon Courage’. And I think they might be right. Note: photo from Cecile Hournau on Unsplash


We went to an introductory talk on my daughter’s school walking trip to Italy. Part of the presentation was by one of the women who would be leading the group; part was by one of the local, Italian guides. The woman was in charge. She had been doing this for many years and was clearContinue reading “Warmth”


I sometimes think we get holidays the wrong way round. It takes us the first week to destress and get into the right frame of mind, then, before we know it, we are thinking about packing up and going home. The sunshine, the food and the freedom we have briefly savoured make returning to theContinue reading “Abstention”


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About Peter’s Blog

Being quite reserved, I have always been interested in those people at the other end of the spectrum – the ones with an unswerving self-belief, sometimes apparently quite out of proportion to their abilities. I wanted to be like them – their lives seemed so much easier by comparison. Now, having thought about it, I’m not so sure I do. I think they have also got it wrong, just in the equal and opposite way. And it’s actually about finding some sort of balance.

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