We went to an introductory talk on my daughter’s school walking trip to Italy. Part of the presentation was by one of the women who would be leading the group; part was by one of the local, Italian guides. The woman was in charge. She had been doing this for many years and was clear and confident. She was matter of fact, and made a point of highlighting some of the more challenging aspects of the trip. Probably very sensible – in case there were people who underestimated how hard it could be.

The guide was less confident than his boss. He appeared slightly reluctant to do too much of the talking. He needed to be encouraged by the woman, who seemed to find his reticence a bit wearing. But the audience warmed to him and not to her. They encouraged him quietly. They empathised with him in a way that they did not empathise with the teacher.

Afterwards, someone told us that the guide was great fun once he was on the trek. He relaxed when he was in his natural element and had a string of funny, colourful stories from previous expeditions. And that made a lot of sense.

Note: photo from Ashim D Silva on Unsplash

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