Running uphill

Photo by Jenny Hill on Unsplash

On my every-other-daily run around Richmond Park, there are two notable hills. Although they are much the same height and length, one of the hills is an absolute killer, while the other is almost enjoyable by comparison (all things being relative). I have often wondered what it is about the two hills that makes them so different. Is it about where they come on the run – near the beginning or the end – and so to do with how much energy I have when I reach them? Is it what comes just before – whether it is preceded by a decline or another incline? Is it how relatively sheltered or windy they are? Many seeming possibilities.

Well, I think I have worked it out: if you break each of the hills into rough thirds, the killer hill starts out with a gentle slope, has a moderate incline in the middle and ends on a really sharp gradient; whereas the ‘easy’ hill is the opposite – it starts steeply, followed by a modest incline and then a gentle bit at the end. With the one, you face the most difficult stretch at the end, with the other, you get the difficult bit over and done with upfront.

And, I don’t know, but I thought that was quite interesting.

– end –

Published by Peter Runkel. Reluctant business consultant. Trying to find some sort of balance.

Published by Peter Runkel

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