A fear of horses

Fear of the fear of horses

Sometimes it is the fear that is the problem, and you learn to fear the fear.

I suspect the only solution is exposure. Safe, small steps which teach you to focus on the skills, not the emotions, and help you realise that these things are manageable. Start with a small, fat, old pony, for example, and work your way up … The more you expose yourself safely, the more the fear will subside and the safer it gets.

– end –

Published by Peter Runkel. Introvert or HSP or … something. Reluctant business consultant. Lives life in PowerPoint.

Published by Peter Runkel

Being quite reserved, I have always been interested in those people at the other end of the spectrum - the ones with an unswerving self-belief, sometimes apparently quite out of proportion to their abilities. I wanted to be like them - their lives seemed so much easier by comparison. Now, having thought about it, I’m not so sure I do. I think they have also got it wrong, just in the equal and opposite way. And it's actually about finding some sort of balance.

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